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Pugilist John Munduga, a Lugbara of northwestern Uganda ancestor was one of the nation’s top boxers during his abecedarian career of the backward 1970′s and aboriginal 1980′s. He was apparent for his angular body and tallness. Admitting he was in the lower weight classes, he was hardly over 6 anxiety tall. He has been admired as one of the a lot of accomplished of Ugandan boxers. He would dabble as captain of the Uganda action aggregation as he represented Uganda in several bounded tournaments. Munduga competed at the summer Olympics that were captivated in Moscow in 1980, and he was there the civic captain. As a professional, he fought in Europe and the United States area he brawled with several acclaimed and top boxers. Munduga had a actual top knockout ratio, and he remained best for a almost connected time. He now resides in his built-in Uganda (in Naguru area he was born) area he is a top academy drillmaster and trainer–notably at Kololo Top Academy abreast Kampala. During 2000, he was the civic drillmaster of the Rwanda action team.

Munduga was built-in on January 15th 1961 in Naguru abreast Kampala in Uganda area he advised at St. Jude Primary Academy area he played soccer. But he, aboriginal in life, became absorbed in action if he adhere out at the Naguru Community Center abreast Kampala. He became a academy action best for several years, and afresh a civic inferior best at age 11.

In 1977, Munduga represented Uganda at the anniversary Kenya vs. Uganda Urafiki Tournament. He won in the fight. He was summoned by civic drillmaster Grace Sseruwagi to get into residential training with the novices. Munduga excelled by assault his opponents afresh he was called as the youngest on the aggregation of Ugandan boxers to Thailand to action in the all-embracing King’s Cup. Munduga impressively won a brownish medal.

In January 1978, at a Uganda vs. Poland bender in Kampala, Munduga defeated Roman Gotfryd afterwards the bender was stopped.

At the All-Africa Games of 1978, captivated in Algiers, Munduga absent in the additional annular to Kenyan Steve Muchoki who is acclaimed to accept in the accomplished baffled James Odwori, and accepting become am abecedarian apple Champion. He tehrefore bootless to move into the badge bracket.

Munduga represented Uganda at the Feliks Stamm Memorial Invitational that was captivated in Warsaw from November 9-11 in 1978. In the quarter-finals, the Ugandan defeated Jose Luis Rios of Cuba by 4:1. In the semi-finals Munduga exhausted Yuriy Prokhorov of the Soviet Union by 3:2. In the finals Munduga triumphed by assault Leszek Kosedowski (Poland) by 4:1. Actuality again, he won the gold. Out of the 5 Ugandan boxers at this venue, alone Munduga was victorious.

At the Poland vs. Uganda Bifold of February 1979, captivated in Warsaw, Munduga triumphed over the Pole Kazimierz Adach. Actuality boxers like Mugabi, Odwori, Butambeki, and Siryakibe were defeated.

Still in February 1979, Munduga was boastful in the boondocks Schwerin in German Democratic Republic area a bifold bender was captivated adjoin Uganda. Munduga actuality defeated Lutz Kaesebier. Of the added Ugandan boxers, alone Adroni Butambeki was triumphant.

Munduga was a 19 year-old if at the 1980 Olympics captivated in Moscow he was alveolate adjoin 25 year-old Nelson Jose Rodriguez of Venezuela in the aboriginal basic annular of the light-welterweight contest. At just 5’5″, Rodriguez was about bisected a bottom beneath than Munduga. The Ugandan triumphed on this July 21st 1980 by acceptable on points.

Munduga’s next Olympic action would appear on July 26th, and actuality in the additional basic he would box adjoin Farouk Chanchoun Jawad of Iraq. Admitting abundant shorter, 25 year-old Chanchoun who was added experienced, would beating out Munduga in the additional minute of the aboriginal round. The Ugandan claims that he started well, but afresh was unfairly punched in the close and fell unconscious. Chanchoun is abundantly accepted to accept been the Asia best thrice. Munduga would yield the position of 9th all-embracing in the light-welterweight division.

But admitting Mugabi would win Uganda’s sole badge at the Olympics in Moscow, Munduga acutely stands out as the Uganda abecedarian pugilist that triumphed a lot of for Uganda during the backward 1970′s. He comes to apperception as a actual hardworking, skillful, committed and acclimatized during a time if Uganda’s acceptation in action was bound bottomward down.

The Apple Action Council (WBC) rankings of July 24th 1987 ranked two Ugandan “Johns,” who had aswell represented Uganda at the Olympics, as a part of the top ten contenders for the apple Super welterweight crown. Lupe Aquino of Mexico was the champion, John “the Beast” Mugabi was the top contender, while John Munduga was ranked as the sixth top contender. Apart from allegedly accepting rivals for the crown, the two were allegedly action ally accustomed that they were both managed by Mickey Duff in Tampa in Florida. Mugabi, as a welterweight had won Uganda’s alone badge booty at the Moscow Olympics–a argent in the welterweight division. On the apple able scene, Munduga would get to be nicknamed, “the Matador.” Munduga would allocution of his adolescence acquaintance Mugabi as one who “had a big bite early… at 9, 10 years, he acclimated to beating boys out… was the alone one that age who could” (Berger 1986).

Munduga started action as a able in Germany, in November 1981, area he fought the aboriginal fourteen of his able fights. Actuality he fought a array of boxers from abreast and far, and he accustomed an 85% almanac in these fights from 1981 to aboriginal 1984.

Thereafter he started advancing in the United States whereby his aboriginal action actuality was with Tommy Rogers in Tampa. He agape out Rogers, afresh connected with his archetypal trend of animadversion out a lot of of his opponents up to if he battled Leland Hart whom he exhausted by credibility in Atlantic City in May 1986. At this stage, Munduga had a apple-pie and arty almanac of 24 wins, 0 losses, with 18 knockouts.

The next action would be a appointed 10-rounder with acclaimed American Mark Breland, a actual 6’2.5″ welterweight who had won Olympic gold at the Olympics captivated in Los Angeles in 1984. He was two inches taller than Munduga. A actual accepted figure, 23 year-old Breland dabbled as an actor, and he had a actual absorbing band as USA abecedarian champion. On June 21st 1986, Breland was alveolate adjoin the Ugandan. This happened at the Sands Casino Hotel in Atlantic City in New Jersey. Munduga was afresh ranked as ninth on the account of contenders for the welterweight crown, by the Apple Action Association (WBA), and sixth on the account of inferior middle-weight contenders, by the WBC.

Munduga believed that it would be advantageous for him to acreage punches on Breland because the two were about according in height. Munduga added that Breland had never fought an adversary as accomplished as himself and he added that this was a big action for which he had accomplished harder for. Breland, advertence that he had fought abounding alpine fighters during his abecedarian days, a lot of of whom he had stopped, opined that it was tougher to action abbreviate boxers. He had to angle lower to action them, and angle even lower if they duck. Breland aswell admired Munduga as the archetypal European fighter who would not be abundant of a problem, one who stands arrect and comes appropriate at you. According to Breland, Munduga had a acceptable jab and looping right, but he was not abundant of a acceptable puncher. Breland fought his aboriginal able fight, alone two months afterwards he had won the gold badge at the Olympics in Los Angeles. He was accustomed to be “the next Sugar Ray Leonard,” an angel that he would eventually not admeasurement up to.

The aboriginal annular appear that both were right-handed, accepted appearance boxers. The taller and longer-armed Breland acclimated these too his advantage of befitting Munduga at bay with these advantages admitting Munduga keeps attacking. In the aboriginal annular the two were mainly activity anniversary added out for the pattern, the annular was almost even, but Breland uses the arm advantage to win.

In the additional round, Munduga is rocked with a harder bite in the aboriginal few seconds, and he stumbles. Breland is actual acquainted of it and he gradually moves in to attack a knockout punch. Munduga has slowed down and he is absolutely hardly hurt. But Munduga keeps advancing while the opponent’s archetypal ability keeps him abroad from scoring much. Breland’s height, slenderness, stance, and agitation assault admonish one of a adolescent Thomas “Hitman” Hearns.

In annular three, Bill Cosby, Muhammad Ali, Don King, and Jesse Jackson are apparent in the top accommodation 15000-audience that has appear to see an Olympic celebrity box. At this time Breland was best in 12 fights, but his knockout arrangement was far beneath amazing than that of Munduga. In this third round, Munduga is abashed as to what approach to use, but he courageously keeps traveling afterwards Breland admitting he keeps active into the all-embracing punches of Breland.

In the fourth annular Munduga becomes abundant added aggressive, but he is accepting tired. However, Breland is allegedly added beginning and gradual, like he is cat-and-mouse for the adventitious to bear the onslaught. Still, in this fourth round, Munduga delivers his best punches of the round, and they assume to hardly bedrock Breland off balance.

In the fifth round, Munduga displays added adventuresomeness and confidence. He even rocks Breland if he is adjoin the ropes, and he goes on to acceleration up on the attacking.

In the sixth round, the slugger Munduga is afresh the advancing one and he keeps advancing Breland as he hopes to get through the opponent’s best arms. Breland displays backbone but acquaintance of his opponents ascent confidence. He seems to delay for Munduga to become adventuresome and absent-minded and leave his arch accessible to blows. Absolutely the moment comes in the sixth round. As Munduga added delivers able blows, Breland takes the high duke and delivers solid analgesic bang and right-left-right bows to Munduga’s arch that beating him down absurd on his back. The medical aggregation bound moves into the ring to appear to Munduga whose larboard eye is bound closing up. The action is actually over; the adjudicator Paul Venti did not bother to calculation him out. Munduga was hereby defeated for the aboriginal time in his action career. The action apple mostly remembers Munduga because of this action in which he displayed adventuresomeness and accomplishment adjoin a acclaimed and acclimatized boxer.

Confident and arrive Breland remarked afterwards the action (AP 1986: 32).

“His plan was to appear forward, hit and get hit. I knew he was a acceptable puncher, but I bite appealing acceptable too. His bold plan was taken abroad and you can’t acclimatize in the ring unless you are absolute smart.”

Five weeks afore the action with Munduga, just afterwards he had agape out Ricky Avendano in the aboriginal minute of the aboriginal round, Breland was asked about how he rated himself, and he replied (AP 1986: 19).

“I absolutely don’t know. What I do apperceive is that I don’t wish to be rushed into a appellation fight. Maybe a year or a year and a bisected from now. I wish aggregate to be perfect.”

Between 1987 and 1990, Mark Breland became WBA welterweight champion, afresh he absent the appellation to Marlon Starling, afresh regained it, afresh absent it to Aaron Davis. Breland retired from the ring with an absorbing 39 victories, 3 losses, and 1 draw.

Munduga’s arch had been clobbered abominably by Breland, he burst heavily to the floor. This fight, which is the a lot of absorbed to Munduga, had around desrepaired and destroyed him. It took Munduga about six months to challenge again. he admits that afterwards this action he was damaged, no best himself, and he somewhat absent absorption in boxing. In comparison, Uganda’s Mustapha Wasajja was never the aforementioned afresh afterwards he ws agape out by Michael Spinks; John “the Beast Mugabi” was never the aforementioned afresh if he was agape out by Marvelous Marvin Hagler.

Next, in Las Vegas, he won in a characterless action with Alvaro Granillo in December 1986. His actual endure above action was with best Darrin “Schoolboy” Van Horn who was a apprentice at the University of Kentucky, and a approaching All-embracing Action Federation (IBF) apple champion. In Frankfort in Kentucky, added than a year back Munduga had performed in the ring, Van Horn agape out Munduga in the seventh of a appointed 10-rounder in February 1988.

Munduga fought his endure three able fights in Germany and Belgium, and he absent all of them by knockout to abrupt fighters. His endure recorded action is of November 1989. He had absent his luster. Munduga is recorded as accepting won in 25 fights in which 18 were by knockout. However in all the 5 fights that he lost, he was agape out in anniversary of them. Abounding had accepted so abundant added from this aforetime high-ranked boxer.

Between 1987 and 1990, Mark Breland became WBA welterweight champion, afresh he absent the appellation to Marlon Starling, afresh regained it, afresh absent it to Aaron Davis. Breland retired from the ring with an absorbing 39 victories, 3 losses, and 1 draw.

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Trump’s “Better Judgment” Challenged by Examples of Morality & Healthcare

Donald Trump boasted of bigger acumen on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, but his pride of assessment could get him into trouble. We reside in an age of specialization and no one can apperceive all the answers to issues in the Oval Office. It would be bigger to accept anyone who is honest with himself and added accurate with his words and can body a aggregation for astute admonition rather than a bragger who bluffs his way into problems like we accept now.

Trump’s success as a business man has some appliance for the economy, but it’s far added circuitous than that if we can accept Solomon, accepted for his book of Proverbs and history as Israel’s wisest king. Solomon said, “Righteousness exalts a nation.”

From the Supreme Court’s approval of aborticide till now with their redefinition of marriage, this nation has been traveling down. All the promises of political hopefuls are abandoned after acclamation the basal causes which cover a acquisitiveness for gain. Why would Trump anytime anticipate America bare bank casinos that yield advantage of humans who are apprenticed of life’s accurate assumption that we are adored for service?

Trump’s investments in casinos that went broke suggests a abridgement of acumen (of which he boasts) as able-bodied as chastity and his affirmation to be a Christian in that business is doubtable if he has aswell been quick to accomplish absolute comments about women and others and he couldn’t accord his admired Bible text.

Healthcare is addition example. Trump agrees that Obamacare is a disaster, but he still believes healthcare should be for everybody. A lot of of the candidates don’t accept healthcare. Healthcare is what we do for ourselves; it’s not medical care. Carson understands it bigger and is afterpiece to a band-aid with the abstraction of bloom accumulation accounts. They action bread-and-butter incentives for absolute affairs changes that can abstain the charge for medical care.

This columnist in his mid-70′s with accomplished bloom asks, “Why should I be burdened to pay for the “healthcare” of anyone abroad who wants to eat, drink, smoke and accent as they please? I haven’t spent a dollar for any decree in added than 25 years because I’ve abstruse that healthcare is about what I put in my mouth.”

If we were accustomed at bearing but accept problems later, we did it to ourselves and we can about-face a lot of abiding problems by astute choices.

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